Software Standards for IT Service

If your organization doesn't have a set of software standards, ask yourself or your IT Managers the following questions to begin documenting: What software is mandatory (business critical or daily driver)? What software is required for a particular job or business...

Doveryai, no proveryai (Trust, but verify).

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When entrusted to process, you are obligated to safeguard.

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Give a man an audit and he will be secure for a day. Teach a man to audit and he will be secure for the rest of his life.

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Exploring Policy Format Tips

We kicked off the exploring series by taking a look at policies. We started with recognizing policies as a major type of documentation. We moved into the importance of having policies. Then we took a look at how a policy is created and effected. In order to wrap up...

Information security is an economics problem.

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Secure is an adjective, so it’s subjective to owner’s risk acceptance.

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Windows 10 New Admin Info

Windows 10 is surprisingly fun to use. It's like they took Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and combined the two. They didn't get it all right though. This article contains some tips you should probably know when you start using it. The Problem With Windows 10 Microsoft have...

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