It's time to move forward with the CISSP this year. I'm committing to the CISSP certification in 2019. This will be the first certification outside of CompTIA. I bounced around the idea of getting it for way too long.

Update 9/19: It's time! I'm taking the exam at the end of the month. The CISSP exam overview post is now up!

The featured image may be fake but this is not an April Fools joke.

In the coming weeks, I'll put together study notes like I've done previously for CompTIA certifications.

I may call it something like The Ultimate CISSP Study Notes Collection. Just a slight proclivity to assuming titles.

I went to an (ISC)² conference in 2015 and it was awesome. I want to attend another one. But this time as an (ISC)² member.

Free Study Resources

I'll be writing up my own notes to make sure I absorb the material but here are 3 free resources (say that 3 times fast) to get you started:

Update: Based on feedback of other cyber professionals, the organization of the guide, and the accuracy of the guide, I can no longer recommend the Sunflower v2.0 CISSP Summary PDF (37 pages).

What Do You Think?

Is there a certification that you've been contemplating? What about your experience with (ISC)²? Are you thinking about getting the CISSP certification in 2019 as well?

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