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Beginner Excel 2016 Training

Learn how to solve problems in Excel in a non-intimidating way. This course is for beginners. To get started, click the course image to the left or if you need more info, click the Learn More button below.

  • Training for individuals and businesses
  • 8,100+ students
  • $19.99 $49.99

Get the Beginner’s Guide to Solving Problems in Microsoft Excel course to quickly learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. There’s no crazy DRM settings. No PDF stamping. I trust you, just as you trust me.

This course describes the basics you need to know to get up and running in Excel. Easily learn basic formula creation, basic math and stat functions, and basic auditing skills.

Armed with these skills you can become a valuable problem solver. There are many high paying opportunities in many areas such as business analytics and data modeling.

Even if you aren’t a math or stats nerd, you can use Excel to help make decisions that can impact your company, customers, or even your professional career.

The goal is to get you through the basics as fast as possible. This is Microsoft Excel for Busy People.

REMEMBER: Don’t stop applying yourself after learning the basics. You don’t need to become proficient in every area of Excel but at the very least, keep your eye out for the opportunity to produce a solution for your boss or client. Always continue to provide value.

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