Edit 1/16: Ha, I wasn't kidding when I said this would be more than just another tech blog. This Best of Roy blog, the Tactful Tech blog, the Roy Can Fix It blog, and the old Bit Expanse blog have merged. Therefore, this post is no longer the inaugural post on this website. I'm keeping it live for historical reasons. The old posts of Tactful Tech, Roy Can Fix It, and the old Bit Expanse will gradually be merged into Best of Roy. So expect more content to come!


Welcome to the first post at the Best of Roy. The goal of this blog, and ultimately this website, is to provide overviews and resources for information security, web applications, and other cool IT related things. This isn't just another tech blog. The focus will NOT be on reviewing tech or rehashing tech news articles. IT related news will occasionally make its way to this blog but I want to only cover it if I have commentary or something meaningful to add.

The Plan

One way insights and overviews will be delivered is via the “Exploring Series.” The “Exploring Series” is an introduction or overview to a particular topic. Usually, it's as I'm learning and exploring the topic. These posts will usually be accompanied by additional resources for follow up reading. The first topic for the “Exploring Series” will be IT / information security policies. I'll link to the first topic post as it goes live.

Update: The first post is live now: Exploring 3 Different Types of IT Documentation.

Speaking of additional resources, future plans include making cool documents and other tools you can download. I haven't decided if the downloadable content will be free yet. This blog will always remain free.


I plan to post twice a week starting out. One small post, like a quote, and one larger post, like the aforementioned “Exploring Series.” I plan to gradually add more content besides the posts as well. The BoR News Category will reveal updates as they go live.

But, Why?

You may be thinking, “This is all well and good, but hasn't this been done before? If not, then why should I care?” Both are valid questions. I'll be as original as possible but I don't claim everything will be “my idea.” It would be foolish to claim otherwise since IT is so iterative. I want to bring perspective to certain IT topics in a way that will keep you interested.

Furthermore, I've always been a note taker and a list maker. Not only do I need to break things apart to learn it but I'm willing to bet there's someone out there who can benefit from my musings. As I learn and explore new things, I want to document it and learn it in such a way that I can teach it. If I can do that, I can understand a topic enough to be effective and bring value to my work.

I will try to be different than other tech, security, and general IT websites. Although I mean that sincerely, I won't put this as a critical task in my work. My goal isn't to be better than every tech blogger out there. My goal is simply to be better than the person (tech, professional, etcetera) I was yesterday.

In Closing

Thanks for reading this far. In the coming months, I'll open the comment sections. To fight spam I may require registration. Either way, I hope to hear from you on a particular topic. After all, participating in group discussions and collaboration are excellent ways to learn.

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