HIPAA Data Cloud Requirements

We started the HIPAA discussion with a brief intro back in late 2015. Late in the following month, we continued the discussion with a deeper dive into HIPAA. Now let's test the bounds of the “P” in HIPAA by looking at HIPAA data cloud requirements! Mission...

Many recommendations across the Net sound like this: ‘Don't keep your information on the cloud.' Fair enough, but it's the same as if you asked, ‘How not to get my house burned down?' and the answer would be, ‘Do not have a house.' The logic is solid, but a better way to translate such advice is, ‘avoid storing sensitive information on the cloud.' So if you have a choice you should opt for keeping your crucial information away from virtual world or use appropriate solutions.

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Cloud Computing Service Descriptions

As test day for the Security+ SY0-401 approaches, I thought it would be good to include a few cloud computing service terms for review. PaaS – Platform as a Service This service is for users who want some control in their hosting or development Reduces the need...

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